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Serginio Welcome to my Home Page
My name is Serginio, I was born and raised in Haiti. I moved to this country and I decided to build this website, so I could share all of my favorite passions to the world.

About me

I am serginio, my favorite sport is soccer and basketball. I like to read sometimes and play with some friends, I go to Boca High school I'm a senior this year 2002-03, I plan to go to college on june and I want to be an mechanical engeneer. I like courrageous people and kidz. I hate when people try put others down and I hate selfishness.

My Inspiration

I beleive in life there is nothing more important than God and education with you. Living without these things is like living with out any goal. Since I was a kid I realize to focus on God and education they were the origin of all of my inspiration. Every single thing I've learned I try to use them, because I realize that humans was born naked and I am the one who is responsible for my duties. That's why I want to encourrage everyone who takes a look at this website to never give up on their dreams and put faith in God and education before all.

Thank you!

sergino Thanks
I want to say thank you for checking me out and good luck to you.


5.8 feet tall
150 pounds